My story, Our mission



I started riding bikes back in 1996. Since then, my passion for the sport has only grown.

I raced eduro for a number of years while also working in the bike industry full time. But family life would call: after my daughter was born in 2016, I needed to make more time for my family. I still wanted mountain biking to be one of my top priorities, but I knew I had to make a change in the way I was pursuing that passion.

I've been making and appearing in biking videos since my college years, but only as a hobby. Since I had the skill set down, I figured I would try my hand at some more professional videos to see where it could take me. I sold some bikes in order to put some capital into a YouTube channel and while it's had steady growth since its onset, I'm still just in the beginning stages. 

My mission is not just to pump out content of me ripping down a trail everyday. I want to create meaning and growth in mountain biking community. I've found trail advocacy to be a top-tier issue that needs more attention. I also want to share this sport! It's too rad not to spread the word and try to make mountain biking a more mainstream activity. 

So, while there's plenty of ripping content across my platform, I prioritize talking and riding with iconic bikers and trail advocates around country and around the world in order to help advance their mission, and our sport, while providing my subscribers with the content they want and need. 


When marketing and advocacy can meet each other halfway, everybody wins. 


That's what this is about. Thanks for being here and supporting the mission. We can't do it without you!

. . . 

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